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Great software project teams are able to produce application features quickly that provide users with the most amount of value. If you don’t have a UI/UX designer on your team, you’re risking the design of your application experience short-changing your users.

lego building blocks

As a coder, the builder pattern is my go-to. It makes data setup extremely easy – instantiate a class, chain some methods together, and finish by executing a build method. However, every time I write a builder class, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a more functional approach that completely removes state.

A Case Against Cloud

Lean TECHniques

In today’s IT landscape, a lot of people see the quick wins of cloud offerings and miss what they’re giving up. Cloud platforms make it easy to stand up new workloads in particular configurations, but they are severely limited scope, lack of developer agency, and closed implementation leave much to be desired. While some applications run well this way, containers and Kubernetes are a competitive alternative for many mid and large sized organizations.

Globals are bad. Data should be encapsulated and only available when needed. These are some of the first things you learn when you start to program. If there are multiple actors that can write to shared data, side affects can occur.