Customer Experience

Create a brand customers love.

Customers gravitate toward the companies that make a complex world simple. It’s why establishing a close and ongoing relationship with customers is about more than goodwill — it unlocks your entire product strategy. 

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What Investing in Customer Experience Means For Your Business

Our team of CX and UX experts can help you strengthen your in-house capabilities in order to deliver exceptional experiences for customers, driving growth and innovation along the way.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

Build lasting relationships by exceeding customer expectations at every touchpoint.

Increased Revenue

Satisfied customers become brand advocates, driving revenue growth through positive word-of-mouth.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline processes based on customer insights, optimizing efficiency and resource allocation.


Stay ahead of market trends by acting on customer feedback with agility and speed.

Areas of Expertise

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Drive Success Through Customer Insight and Delight

Creating an impactful customer experience goes beyond creating something that looks good. It’s about having a cohesive approach that expertly balances strategy, research and design to ensure what you’re building is actually hitting the mark for your customers. Here are some of our focuses:

Customer Research

A shared understanding of your customers’ wants and needs is essential for teams to create products that matter.

Service Design

Digital products are just one piece of the puzzle. An extraordinary customer experience requires setting the standard on all touchpoints and interactions your brand provides.

UI Design

Impactful experiences require intuitive designs optimized for any device, created in collaboration with delivery teams.

Testing & Validation

It’s imperative to learn how valuable or viable an idea is as quickly as possible.


No two customers are the same. Ensure you’re meeting their needs by creating accessible experiences for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Data & Analytics

Generate ongoing insights on how you can improve your products or services to better meet the needs of your customers.

Ways of Working

Co-creating experiences that matter.

Unlock new ways of working and deliver on business goals by having customers at the heart of everything you do.

Learn, Create, and Iterate.

To build the best possible products, teams need to quickly get ideas out into the world. By incorporating design thinking into the Agile process through Lean UX methodology ensures teams are constantly talking to and learning from customers.

Building Better, Together.

The only way to ship products that matter is through the highest level of collaboration and a bias toward action. The best possible outcomes result when designers and engineers are in lockstep working to make continuous impact through ongoing discovery and delivery.

We chose to work with LT because there was not only alignment on our vision, but because LT would be able to come alongside our team in the process and teach us how we can continue on once LT trails off.

Sarah Eldal
Senior Finance Manager

High integrity, do what they say, complete projects on time and over deliver. I can highly recommend them and are glad we selected them as our software development partner.

Curtis V. Cloke
Retirement Nextgen and FinTech Developer

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