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Software Engineer

You should be passionate about your code and continuous learning, eager to stay current with technology trends and participate in the local tech community.

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XP Player Coach

You should be passionate about mentoring and sharing knowledge, continuous learning, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo.

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We're a company of software professionals who are never done learning, practicing our trade, sharing our knowledge, and getting results. We value Responsibility, Humility, Professionalism, Autonomy, Simplicity, Curiosity, and Community.

We were founded on the principle of helping improve software development practices with each and every one of you and the customers we partner with. Our goal is to turn IT from a cost center into a competitive advantage, and we believe it starts with you.

We typically partner with organizations that are no longer interested in or satisfied with the status quo, are ready to innovate beyond their current limitations, and ultimately want to add more value for their customers.

What? Benefits? Oh yeah, those are important too, but we get so wrapped up in the technology that we sometimes forget to mention them. We have those too. In fact, they're really competitive. Ask us about our "No vacation policy" vacation policy or our twisted views on "Work/Life Balance" to get the conversation going. (Hey, we said we didn't settle for status quo!)

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