Past Lean Bytes

Coding Standards (.NET/Java)

Tim Gifford
November 23, 2021

We all know the benefits of coding standards. Some teams have them in a 24 page document that hasn’t been […]

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JWT Fundamentals

Scott Sauber
October 26, 2021

This week’s Lean BYTES will be presented by Scott Sauber on “JWT Fundamentals.” JSON Web Tokens are all the rage […]

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Prototyping Tools

Alex McClure
December 7, 2021

Want to have fewer meetings? Write less throwaway code? Alex McClure will talk about the benefits of developers learning prototyping […]

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Test Automation Looks Good On You…But Why?

Brandon Carlson
October 12, 2021

Many companies question the value of a solid test automation practice. On the surface, it adds overhead and the juice […]

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Transforming Your Company for the Digital Economy

Brandon Carlson
February 1, 2022

The workforce is changing and so are your customers. The old way of working and connecting with people just doesn’t […]

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You Might Need Docker If…

Jon Graf and Alex McClure
November 9, 2021

Docker is a tool for containerization, but what does that mean and what is it good for? Jon Graf and […]

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IT Modernization

Tim Gifford
March 1, 2022

You know you’re not delivering as effectively as you could. All of the firefighting and fixing defects are causing your […]

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DEI: Going Beyond the Acronym

Drew Connelly
April 5, 2022

DEI is not about the acronym, it’s about creating an environment where all kinds of people regardless of their background […]

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Safely Evolving Legacy Code

Scott Sauber
May 3, 2022

A new request comes in. It’s for “that app.” You know the one. The one nobody wants to touch, because […]

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Leveling Up Your Digital Transformation

Peter Chodakowski
June 7, 2022

Many digital transformation efforts focus mainly on IT departments. There are, however, four ways you can level up your transformation […]

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Upcoming Lean Bytes

To Be Announced…

Danielle Brommer
August 2, 2022 11:45AM

Danielle Brommer will be presenting August's Lean BYTES. Topic will be announced closer to the date. Check back soon.

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Lean BYTES is a short, 16-minute (Get it? Clever, right?), presentation designed to provide you with the tools you need to take your teams to the next level in an easily consumable, shareable format. Lean BYTES are held the first Tuesday of each month at 11:45 a.m. Join us!

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