Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) Prometheus Award Finalist

As an Iowa based software & management consultancy, Lean TECHniques is committed to making Iowa a leader in technology by helping companies move into the digital world, enabling them to grow their business and better serve their customers.  We know that what we need to thrive in this industry and what has served us best through the years, quite simply, is putting people first. We’re humbled and honored to be recognized by the Technology Association of Iowa (TAI) as finalists in the category of IT Service Provider Technology Company of the year.  

TAI is a statewide, member-based organization uniting Iowa’s technology community by connecting leaders, developing talent, driving public policy and fostering diversity and inclusion. TAI celebrates innovators and leaders in technology at their annual Prometheus Awards held next month November 4th, at 5pm. We’re looking forward to celebrating with our community peers.

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