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Lean TECHniques Invests In Unsupervised Machine Learning Company

Urbandale, Iowa: January 19, 2021 – Lean TECHniques, a software consultancy, has announced a strategic investment in Boon Logic, an unsupervised machine learning company. The strategic investment allows Lean TECHniques to advance its expertise in digital transformation with Boon Logic’s autonomous learning products. “Machine learning and artificial intelligence is the next tech wave, and we want to be there,” explained Brandon Carlson, founder of Lean TECHniques. “We were intrigued by Boon Logic because they are...

Lean TECHniques Collaborates with ISU Students on Augmented Reality App

Urbandale, Iowa: December 13, 2020 – Lean TECHniques coordinated a student project with the Department of Computer Science at Iowa State University (ISU) during the Fall 2020 semester. A group of five seniors worked on an augmented reality (AR) app for rental concierge. The collaboration provides students with hands-on development experience solving real world problems. “Augmented reality is a technology that most people associate with video games and SnapChat filters, but it has some real...