July 18, 2024 - 4:00pm — 5:00pm CT

Nebraska.Code 2024: Abstract Your Back-End with GraphQL

Josh Angolano

Josh Angolano

Do you have a lot of BFFs (Back-end for Front-end) that you are maintaining for your front-end applications? Do your front-end applications require a lot of disparate calls to different services? Is your front end having to deal with multiple security models to appease back-end requirements? Are you in the process of modernizing your back-end and need a way to abstract the migration from consumers?

This session will include live coding to demonstrate building a federated graphQL schema using disparate technologies and data stores. Furthermore, it will show how a front end can call that graphQL instance using one security model and pull back data from those sources. Finally, we will switch out one of the back-end services and show how the consumer doesn’t need to make any changes.

Attendees to this session will learn the following items.

  • What is a graphQL query?
  • What is a graphQL mutation?
  • What are subgraphs?
  • What is a supergraph?
  • How do all these items fit together?
  • How does security work?
  • How do consumers interact with graphQL?

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