August 15, 2024 - 2:45pm — 3:45pm CT

DevUp 2024: Kotlin for Cloud Development

Josh Angolano

Josh Angolano

Kotlin and the cloud are a perfect fit. Cloud providers such as Amazon have created clients that make use of Kotlin’s coroutine and DSL features.

Kotlin can be used for all sorts of cloud services, from Lambda (functions), containerized compute to large scale data processing applications.

Amazon, for example, has also created a way for JVM language based lambda functions to start up faster without a large penalty.

This DevUp session led by Josh Angolano will include live coding demos of building cloud functions, containerized Kotlin services and using Kotlin along machine learning workloads.

Attendees will learn how easy it to create and test cloud-native software using the Kotlin ecosystem.

Learn more here.

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