A Week of Events Dedicated To The Responsibility Process

It’s an exciting week around LT-town. We have two big events coming up involving one of our heroes – Christopher Avery. 

If you’re a Christopher Avery superfan, you get it.

If you’re scratching your head trying to place the name — we got you. Christopher Avery wrote The Responsibility Process. A simple (but not easy!) tool to help navigate work and life. 

Responsibility is pretty big for us here at LT. It’s one of our most foundational values and has shaped how we’ve structured many of our company processes like time off, career planning and more. 

It’s why we jumped at the chance to learn from Christopher Avery and share The Responsibility Process with others. 

First up, Christopher Avery will host an all-day company workshop for LT team members. We’ll take a deep dive into The Responsibility Process and have the opportunity to practice leadership, self-leadership and coaching skills. We are always seeking to learn more and improve, and we’re excited to see what we will be able to apply from the workshop to our lives and consulting work.

But wait – that’s not all, y’all. At the end of the week, DevOps Days Des Moines / Agile Iowa Conference returns, and we are pumped! Christopher Avery is one of the event’s keynote speakers, and Lean TECHniques is the book sponsor, which means all attendees are walking away with a copy of The Responsibility Process! cha-ching!

Come visit the LT table on the first floor to get your book signed by Dr. Avery himself or even sign up to meet with Christopher Avery one-on-one. You can also snag some sweet LT merch and enter to win an LT Reads Starter Pack equipped with a Kindle bundle and gift card to grab some of our favorite reads. See you there!