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Lean TECHniques was founded on April 1st, 2011 by Tim Gifford and Brandon Carlson. Their work within the community led to frequent consulting requests. They wanted to help organizations of all sizes with their Agile needs, and do so while creating a place people loved to work.

Great software project teams are able to produce application features quickly that provide users with the most amount of value. If you don’t have a UI/UX designer on your team, you’re risking the design of your application experience short-changing your users.

There are so many risks when we make changes to software systems. A defect can cause a minor frustration, cause a loss of 440 million USD in 45 minutes, and put Knight Capital Group out of business or worse.

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Lean TECHniques, a software consultancy, has announced a strategic investment in Boon Logic, an unsupervised machine learning company.