This page contains additional content regarding the principles and can be used when providing feedback to your peers. Please review each when providing feedback.


As a professional, not only do you focus on your role, but you understand the big picture context in which you make your contributions. You understand the needs of LT, the client, and team members you are interacting with and support them all to the best of your ability. In addition, you accept both positive and critical feedback and leverage it to continuously learn in order to stay at the the top of your game.


You react to situations you encounter at LT and its clients with a bias towards action. You create opportunities for your team to be successful without blame or helplessness. You raise issues and concerns to the appropriate people to help turn potentially problematic situations into positive change.


You understand the essence and complexity of the problems you are solving, both technological and interpersonal and design solutions that solve the problem in simple, understandable, and maintainable ways.


Manage your time appropriately to meet the goals of both LT and its clients. Take initiative to get things done for LT and our clients without waiting to be told what to do. Make decisions based on the information at hand, taking into consideration the risks and returns. On a personal level, know where you are heading and take steps to get there. This could include learning new technologies or skills or requesting training when it could benefit you or the team.


You share what you have learned for the benefit of others. Examples include participating in user groups, blogging, open source contributions, and mentoring others such as students or colleagues outside of LT. You get involved with the recruiting process, such as outreach, screening and interviews. Takes an active interest in new hires and onboarding. Participates in mentoring programs, internally or externally.


You seek first to understand and listen intently to clients and peers. You understand that you do not have all of the answers and that people are on different points in their journey. You represent yourself in a way that values all contributions. Rather than spinning your wheels on a problem, you seek out help from clients and peers.


Continuously looks for better ways of working for LT and its clients. Challenges the status quo in a positive way with the intention of making a difference. You ask “what if” questions and explore new ideas and technologies. You have a willingness to learn and looks for more than the typical solution to the problem for the benefit of LT and its clients.


You convey concepts, suggestions, and goals within and across teams and are proactive about keeping LT, its clients, and your peers up to date using the appropriate tools for your context. You understand how to influence peers and clients with diverse backgrounds such as technology and business partners. When working remote, you use high quality tools and be mindful of how you are affecting everyone’s experience (is that your dog barking or dirty laundry in the background?).