Our Philosophy

Software is built by people. We produce the best software by helping clients and team members be the best they can be.

How can I be the best?


At LT, we've identified a core set of principles that drives both our success and the success of our clients. Applying these principles in your organization helps to cultivate an environment in which both individuals and teams can reach their maximum potential.


The software industry needs to change


Do you go to work every day excited to be there? If you're like many of our clients, chances are you don't. Deadlines that appear to be pulled out of someone's...ahem... often making you feel handcuffed and unable to put your best foot forward. Shortcuts are taken to get your work done, and these shortcuts come back to bite you on the next project. You're probably successful because you're good at solving problems, but you end up feeling like your talent is wasted by spending your days taking orders. This isn't good for you or your organization.

Fortunately, we know what creates this type of environment, and that's the relationship between your business stakeholders and the IT department. IT is typically treated like a vendor, not a true partner in the success of your organization. We're out to change that.

Agile alone is not enough. Changing this mindset is no easy task and requires everyone to examine every interaction through a principles-based lens.

Team Members Are Our First Priority


Does your company really care about you, or do they only care about what you can offer them? We believe that the happiest employees are achieving their goals both professionally and personally, and our culture and policies reflect that. From our "No vacation policy" vacation policy to an employee development policy that focuses on both your personal and professional goals, we offer team members the opportunity to have it all. If you want cool projects, fun atmosphere, and a personal life, check us out.