Lean TECHniques — Status Quo? Hell No!


If you see something here, it’s likely we’ll be there or maybe we’ve already been and you’re here to get our slides. We love giving back to the tech community because we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support from those that came before us and all those around us…

Prairie.Code() 2019

Heartland Developers Conference

Kansas City Developers Conference

Central Iowa Java Users Group 2019

Scott Sauber will explain a handful of HTTP Security Headers (including HSTS, CSP, XFO, and more) from the bottom up.

Agile Iowa

Tim talks about creating Greatness

Eastern Iowa Agile

There are 3 simple things you need to think about in our industry: build the right thing, build it right, and build it together.

IBADD 2019

What is IBADD?

DevOps Days Des Moines 2019

So you are interested in DevOps Days…

DevOps East 2018

dsmAgile 2018