For many organizations, Agile holds the promise of saving them from the status quo. Unfortunately, simply installing Agile process and practices is not enough. Your success depends on not only transforming your development process but also transforming the way your organization thinks about IT. We can help you get there.

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Our coaches come equipped with a powerful combination of business, technical, and interpersonal skills

Our Lean/Agile coaching services are built around the primary principle of helping clients be successful on their own terms. Context is everything when you're planning a transformation, and we take your unique situation into consideration rather than prescribing a cookie-cutter approach that doesn't leverage your strengths and abilities.

The most successful transformations share a few common focus areas starting with relationships. Without a culture that values each and every person on the team and how they contribute to the company's success, you'll be left with a group of individuals on your project, not a team. Individuals don't scale. Teams do.

Next, you need to be sure that business needs are the primary driver of workflow. If the business doesn't make money, you're out of a job. Aligning business objectives with your effort creates a direct connection from IT to the bottom line.

Finally, while many other companies downplay or ignore the importance of the technical aspects of your Agile transformation, technical practices are critical to your success. How many "rewrite" projects does your company need to initiate because you're handcuffed by technology? Building in disciplined technical practices is critical to surviving and thriving.

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