XP Player Coach

You will be responsible for guiding teams through the adoption of XP practices and encouraging team members and leadership to embrace the agile method of software delivery. In conjunction with teaching and mentoring, you will help design, build and support software solutions. Your ultimate goal is to help improve the lives of those you work will with by increasing collaboration, innovation, and introducing techniques that promote adaptability and flexibility in the face of uncertainty.

You should be passionate about mentoring and sharing knowledge, continuous learning, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. You should also be interested in supporting your local tech community, in support of our cause ‘to make our clients known for great software products.’

You will likely help with the following:

  • Advance the use of agile development practices within an organization
  • Assist the assigned team(s) within the organization with modeling best practices for test-first development, continuous integration/delivery, paired programming, automated testing, and other Extreme Programming (“XP”) practices as deemed appropriate
  • Assist the assigned team(s) within the organization with instituting best practices for simplifying local development environments, refactoring monolithic applications, improving version control and branching strategies, and making use of development techniques such as feature toggles
  • Assist the assigned team(s) within the organization with modeling advanced development practices/techniques as well as contribute (e.g. design, code, test) to the delivery of working software on those teams

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